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On Thursday, July 31st, Pitt iGEM participated in SciencePalooza 2014! This event, hosted by the Clinical and Translational Science Institute at the University of Pittsburgh, is a day-long camp designed to show K-8 kids the value and excitement of science. The kids came from from underserved communities in the greater Pittsburgh area. Campers visited 8 different stations throughout the day, engaging in hands-on activities that present various scientific topics in a fun and engaging manner. The activities were designed to introduce science as a potential career interest, not just a boring school class.

Our team developed a module named “Dermalicious” to teach the children, primarily 4-6 grade, about the structure and proper care of their skin.  After an interactive worksheet, the campers build a candy model, in which layers of the skin are represented by marshmallows, fruit sheets, and licorice. Take a look at one below!


An edible skin model made of fruit roll ups, marshmallows, rice krispie treats, and licorice!

After the module, we asked the kids to write down their thoughts of the activity:

“Your station was the funnest out of all of them.”

“I liked the creative and unique way of making a model of skin, especially with FOOD!”

“I liked it because it was creative and sweet”

“I liked this activity because we got to build the experiment”

“I think this station was a fun and informative lesson, it also makes me think about what’s under my skin”

Overall, the Pitt iGEM team had a great time at SciencePalooza teaching and engaging children with (delicious) science!

Some of our team members at SciencePalooza!

Some of our team members at SciencePalooza!



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